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Fun stories!

Great stories and I love the discussion of the inspiration and direction each takes with the prompts given. A great listen, especially on long car rides. You feel like you’re hanging with these guys while they’re doing it.

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you just gotta love them

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Primetime Drivetime

I love this podcast. I drive about 2 hours a day to and from work and have been binging this for the last 2 weeks. I really enjoy the variety in stories from both authors; not just from each other (they are very different), but each months story from the last. If you like a good audio book, or enjoy the banter of two artists discussing their work without pretension. This is the podcast for you. If you like horror, thrillers, suspense, or drama. This is the podcast for you. If you’re an aspiring writer, interested in learning how others writers think. This is the podcast for you. If you’re interested in learning more about two authors with a lot of stories to tell, you guessed it - this is the podcast for you.